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Halloween is a great day to celebrate via giving away gifts. But most people lack the creativity of coming up with great gifts. Worry no more. Below are the top ideas for Halloween gifts. 1. Bugs and kisses- Put some bugs and kisses discretely in your partner’s lunchbox. 2. Halloween Eye Candy-Print out some candy wrappers and attach a little note to them indicating to your man that he is your best candy. 3. I Have My Eyes On You-Take some balls of eye gum and stick to a jar and add a cute printed label indicating “I Have My Eyes On You”. 4. I’ve Only Got Eyes For You- Add a monster tag to any gift indicating this message to your partner. 5. You are the Pick of the Patch- Put tiny mellocreme pumpkins in a jar till it is full and put a hand stamped tag indicating “You are the Pick of the Patch”. 6. Hey Pumpkin- Show your partner some love by bringing them a basket of pumpkin goodies that are baked. 7. I “Fall” For You- Take a basket of gifts to your partner with the “Fall” theme on it. 8. Some Mummy Loves You- Give your loved one a sweet treat with a wrap indicated “Some Mummy Loves You”. 9. Cannot Halt Falling in Love With ”Brew”- Put a sticker indicating this message on your partner’s favorite drink. 10. You put a spell on Me- Put a printable label on your partner’s gift indicating this message. 11. Sassy Love Spell Treats- Give your loved one some sassy love spell treats for a full month filled with romance. 12. You Be “Witch” Me- Make your partner’s favorite cupcakes and top them with toppers indicating this message. 13. A little pumpkin for you- When giving a kid a pumpkin themed gift, add this cute tag. 4. Halloween Sugar Cookie Kit- Every kid loves a cookie decorating kit. Use any of these ideas when gifting your loved ones, including kids, during the Halloween season.
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