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Jewelry is an important part of us and sends signals of who we are to the society. Jewelry has always been part of the human culture. The earliest jewelry was made from shells, stone and even bones and the designs over time have continually improved to be sophisticated. Materials like gold and silver and diamonds have also come into the picture over the years. Jewelry is the best gift idea ever because it is personal, you can wear it every day and with luck, you can keep it forever. With jewelry, you don’t always have to buy the most expensive one in the store so that it can be appreciated. Jewelry is also a great gift idea because of uniqueness. This is an important concept to women because the odds of having the exact same jewel as someone in the office or even a party are very low. Jewelry gift ideas to a man. Jewelry for men always serves to transform any outfit that they choose to wear it with. Fortunately, men have many options of stylish jewelry that you can gift him with these can range from rings, chains, necklaces, watches and even watches. Adding jewelry to a man’s outfit is always guaranteed to make an impression. When a man gets a blazer, it usually has simple brass buttons; you can upgrade these buttons by gifting him with gold or silver buttons. When he is wearing a suit and you want him to look elegant, get him a silver ring or a solid band of glistening stones to wear. To refine his look, buy him a matching pair of cufflinks and a watch. You can buy Necklaces and brackets for men who like the business casual look or everyday clothing. A cross pendant or chain can add sophistication his button up or polo shirt. Jewelry gift ideas to a woman. Picking up jewelry for women do not always have to be a headache because of the large number available. You just have to know her, her tastes, her likes and you will not go wrong. Never buy a ring unless you are proposing. Chokers, collars, bib necklaces are just some of the trend that is reemerging in the fashion industries and will make an interesting gift. Gold trends are great gift ideas because the gold jewelry has proven to be timeless. Whether as a ring, necklace or earrings, gold complements most skin tones and there are countless designs to choose from. Personalizing a woman’s jewelry gift is also a great idea to ensure uniqueness and thoughtfulness on your part. You can personalize monogrammed rings by initializing or buy her engraved earrings or even buy her a pendant necklace. Birthstone jewelry is also another way to give a personalized jewelry that she will treasure forever. Jewelry gift ideas to a child. When buying jewelry for children you should remember safety comes first. For children with pierced ears, earrings are a must. Studs or small hoops are perfect because the will not get in the way of playing. Rubber necklaces and bracelets for children is also a good idea because they will resist the wear and tear associated with children activities. You can also get boys ID bracelets or leather cords. Girls are naturally drawn to Hearts and nature motifs; jewelry with this design is guaranteed to be cherished. After finding the perfect jewelry gift for your loved ones, you still have to go an extra mile to find a creative way to present it. One of the most interesting is the scavenger hunt where you can include special locations with clues. The scavenger hunt does not always need to go out the house you can make it a small- scale scavenger hunt around the house. You can also hide the gift and give verbal clues for it to be found. Timing when you present the gift is also important to make the recipient surprised. You can also use a special location; hide it in plain sight, a gift inside a gift or even have it delivered.
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