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The beautiful thing about gourmet gift baskets is that each package would consist of a variety of food items. This is just the thing for people who are not so sure of what to give as gifts. At the same time, the sets and themes the gift baskets have allowed people to choose. For instance, instead of the traditional wine and cheese gift basket, a beverage gift basket is something more unique. Everyone loves their teatime, but few would think of giving a gift basket laden with tea items. A coffee gourmet gift basket also makes an ideal gift for people who love their caffeine. It is not just for ordinary coffee drinkers but for connoisseurs. Each basket or box would have an assortment of coffee beans or ground coffee. Some would come as is while others would come with flavors. There are also gourmet coffee sets that would have a set of flavored syrups. Those would certainly bring the coffee experience to a new level. Not everyone would enjoy coffee beans, so there are also ones that come with packages of gourmet tea. Some would come in tea bags, and others would have tea leaves. Flavored syrup can also be added to tea, so the possibilities are endless. The package will not be complete without the other complimentary treats. There are bottled spices such as ground cinnamon, mocha powder and chocolate powder that can be mixed with either coffee or tea. Coffee-themed gourmet gift baskets can also come with honey straws, cinnamon sticks and different types of creamers. If desired, the set can also have certain types of liqueur that are usually mixed with coffee. Cups of coffee or tea can be enjoyed hot or cold depending on what people would enjoy more. Some packages would come with tall glasses, shakers, and strainers for people who want iced tea or who want their java fix cold. There are countless ways to enjoy coffee or you can enjoy gourmet gits. The art of coffee loving is certainly made better with different types of pastries and chocolates. A piece or two can be served with each cup of coffee to be enjoyed. Because gourmet gift baskets are far from ordinary, there are other things. Some would come complete with a two-cup or 4-cup percolator. What are coffee beans if there is no easy way of serving them? Some gourmet gift baskets would also have serving mugs complete with covers and coasters. There are even sets that come with chocolate dipped stirrers for the enjoyment of coffee lovers. This can be quite a gift for good coffee lovers. It is the thought that counts so if they would love the idea of gourmet gift baskets, there is no reason why it should not be chosen. It can easily stand out from a table of gifts. Every item is meticulously arranged inside a basket or a box. Tapes and strings hold these items into place. Clear plastic is used for the final covering of a coffee gourmet gift basket.
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